Carmina Burana – Philadelphia Youth Orchestra

“Nowakowski in particular gave a searching, dramatic interpretation of every phrase, culminating in “Dulcissime”: “Sweetest one, I give myself to you totally!” This has to be one of the most passionate utterances in great music, and Nowakowski delivered with pure, splendid perfection.”

Die Zauberflöte – Academy of Vocal Arts

“she sang with both power and lyricism.”

Werther – Academy of Vocal Arts

“well-cast Alexandra Nowakowski (Sophie) was a vocally bright presence.”

Dido and Aeneas, Baroque Artists of Champaign Urbana

“With full, rich voice, and with brilliant high notes, she gave a very touching and regal portrayal of Queen Dido, moving up to a memorable outpouring of grief in the famous concluding aria, “When I am laid in earth.”